We help medical professionals find rare investment properties so they can invest with confidence and accumulate wealth. 

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Do you want to invest in property but don’t have the time or expertise?

We understand that as a doctor, you have a large commitment to your work, which comes with a great responsibility to take care of your patients around the clock. You don’t have the time for the draining process of researching, inspecting and comparing properties. The problem is, if you don’t do that, you run the risk of overpaying or ending up with a bad investment that costs you more than it makes.

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Are you looking for a proven and reliable way to acquire properties with great potential?


We help our clients buy properties with an X-Factor to accumulate wealth and achieve their financial goal faster. By leveraging our experience you are able to invest in the right properties in the right location backed by research and numbers, without hype or emotion. 


Our Team Allows You To...

Create Wealth

Accumulate wealth while creating passive income streams.

Fast Track

Achieve your financial goal quicker by leveraging our experience.

Save Money

Avoid overpaying for properties by having us negotiate on your behalf.

Save Time

Leave the hard work to us and 
enjoy more of what you love.

Avoid Pitfalls

Steer clear of potential disasters and properties with hidden risks.

Plan For Success

Align yourself with a team who’s sole aim is to look after your interest.

How Does It Work?

After 15+ years of experience in investment and developments, we have built a sizable portfolio for ourselves and our clients. Through this experience we’ve created our own proven and repeatable formula for finding winning properties that create long term wealth.

Goal Setting

An initial meeting where you will share your personal goals so we can create an actionable strategy. 

Wealth Strategy

Receive a strategy aligned with your goals to fast-track your portfolio with milestones and contingencies.

Property Selection

Our team selects properties that meet our requirements and review with you to make sure they're a fit.


Buying at the right price will make or break your portfolio! On your behalf, we negotiate the price and terms.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support with financing, conveyancing, building and pest and the development process.

Evaluate & Grow

Continue creating wealth by having your strategy reviewed and buying more investments as needed.

What Our Clients Say


As an investor, we always want to get into development, but we were struggling to find a development site that stacked up. We engaged Siva, and within a few months, he found a site that was off the market.

Not only he was also able to negotiate about $80K off the owner’s expectation but also get us time to prepare for the development application. We are impressed with his negotiation skills & ability to find an off-market property. Thanks for making it a pleasant experience for us.

Off Market Property

We were initially looking into “buy and hold”, we were under the impression this was the norm when investing in property. During our strategy session, Siva was able to take us through multiple most effective pathways for investing.

He tailored a strategy to achieve the financial target we had in mind. With his help, we were able to secure an investment property that can be subdivided into 6 lots. In addition to securing the property, he is also walking us through step by step of the development process.

Siva is very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to investing in properties; we highly recommend him to our friend and family. Siva gave us the confidence in venturing into development which We wouldn’t have done this on our own. Looking forward to many more successful deals with you.

Excellent Deal

We have several investment properties that were negatively geared heavily. We got in touch with Siva to explore our options, he was able to review our portfolio & came up with a strategy.

Within a short time, he was able to secure a duplex with good cash flow & has the potential to subdivide in the future. Also was able to negotiate around 20% off the asking price. With this new addition, we are one step closer to a balanced portfolio.

Very happy with your advice and services, beyond our expectations! Thanks for all your help so far. We are grateful for everything you and the team have done.

Great Value

How do we get such great results?

There are a lot of ‘experts’ out there. But whilst most only provide a buying service, we give you access and expertise in property development which is the next level for wealth creation. 

It’s not just about finding a few properties on the market — we take our clients through the full cycle of strategy, advisory and depending on the client, acquiring unique properties with future development potential (as well as helping them implement that development). 

Additionally, we ourselves are active investors. Unlike many property professionals, we have a sizeable portfolio and actively use the strategies that we recommend to clients. We stand by our process and are personally invested in your results.

No results, no success fee.

If we don’t find you the right property to suit your needs, you’ll pay no success fee. That’s our commitment to our clients to keep us accountable, give you piece of mind and get you the best result.

Here’s what you could do instead (and why this is the best choice)

Do It Yourself

Whilst it is possible to find a property by yourself, it takes countless hours and you run the risk of buying a bad investment. This same risk applies if you get someone else like a friend, spouse or family member to try to do it for you.

Hire Another Agency

Most agents don’t actually own property, they don’t see development potential and their process ends with a purchase. Not only do we have more experience, we help with your entire wealth strategy both now and into the future.

Invest In Something Else

Real estate is one of the most efficient and proven ways to grow your wealth over the long term, as long as you buy the right investments. We help you do that.

Do Nothing

If it’s all too stressful, you could not buy any property at all. But this ends up costing you, while your cash sits in the bank slowly wasting away due to inflation.

Not Ready Yet?

An Insider’s Guide To Purchasing A Winning Investment Property

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you can’t find the right property?

We will work with you until we find the right property for you regardless of how long it may take.

How do you know it’s a good property?

We have a very strict criteria for filtering investments such as demographics, recent and upcoming infrastructure, population growth and more. We will share our research and numbers with you for each property.

How do you help me with developments?

We handle all the legwork from acquisition to completion. If you like, we can also partner with you to complete the project.

What if I don’t plan on developing?

You don't have to develop, and can simply buy and  hold or sell to a developer in the future for a premium. Whether you plan on developing or not, we will still find you the right property for your specific situation.

What am I getting for the initial fee?

Our initial fee covers our time and expertise to formulate a strategy that achieves your financial goals, and starts the process of executing everything.

Are there any ongoing costs?

There are no ongoing costs, only a success fee that is  payable once we have secured a property for you.

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